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Strengths Focus

Who are you at your best?  What IS your best?

At Kalon, It is our goal to have students identify, develop and use their strengths to achieve great things in high school and beyond.

Our strengths help us understand who we are. They describe us, influence our choices, direct our actions, and help us to focus on what we are innately good at. They explain why we are better at some things rather than others. Differences are ADVANTAGES! Knowing what those are for each student is powerful! At Kalon we will embrace, cultivate, and celebrate each student's unique talents and contributions.

CliftonStrengths is a communication tool. It provides a common language that encourages positive and powerful conversations between students, teachers and staff.  It is through our strengths and this new language that we are able to tap into our greatest potential and begin to understand how to identify the strengths of our peers, coworkers, family and friends.

When a team knows their Strengths, it creates balance. This balance increases positive and powerful communication, engagement and ultimately, production.

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When you are heard and understood, you are happier. When you are happier, you are more engaged. When you are more engaged, you are more productive!

Developing a strengths culture

A strengths CULTURE identifies, rather than judges.

Developing a strengths culture optimizes the efforts of educators, staff, helpers, coaches, and ultimately… students! We are dedicated to cultivating a strong strengths culture that promotes identifying what makes each student unique and helping them define and achieve success.

  • Knowing your strengths isn’t enough, completing the assessment is just the starting point.
  • Strengths development is aimed at a personal goal unique to each individual.
  • Strengths come to life as they help you answer life’s “now what” questions.
  • Development takes tremendous effort, you must apply your strengths daily.
  • Strengths grow in the context of relationships, teams, organizations.

Knowing and developing your strengths:

  • Who am I when I am at my BEST?

  • Increases student engagement

  • Builds a positive school culture

  • Improves wellbeing

  • Fosters greater academic achievement

  • Transforms the way students experience their education

  • Set students up to succeed far beyond the classroom

  • Develops engaged faculty, staff, and leaders

kalon strengths coach

Karin Weigel

Karin is a Gallup Certified Strengths coach. She specializes in coaching teams, individuals, and entire organizations in strengths development and engagement using the CliftonStrengths assessment. 
Over 25 million individuals have discovered their greatest talents using this assessment. Karin's expertise is in teaching those individuals how to harness, manage, and execute that talent to be more engaged, more productive, and ultimately, more successful.
karin weigel