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Our Approach

Kalon is committed to providing an exceptional campus culture that will foster strong academic achievement integrated with caring adults, relevant experiences, and a commitment to fun.

If the traditional school model hasn't been the best fit for your success, Kalon Prep Academy's model offers you a new choice.

  • A 15:1 Student/Teacher Ratio

    A learning community that fosters creative thinking and values every voice.

Kalon Prep Offers

  • All Coursework Required for Graduation

    Students will have the option to do core subjects online or in person.

  • A Wide Range of Elective Courses

    Electives such as driver’s training, strengths for students, service learning, career navigation, life skills, health, fitness, art and more will be offered. Students will be required to attend these courses in person.

  • Interactive & Purposeful Curriculum

    Students will participate in college, business and industry tours, experience field trips that connect to the curriculum, and enjoy team building exercises and adventures.

Monday-Thursday: Core Subjects & WIN

8:30-9:00am 9:05-10:05am 10:10-11:10am 11:15am-12pm 12pm-1pm 1:05-2:05pm 2:10-3:10pm

Friday Schedule

8:30-10:00am 10:00-11:30am 11:30am-12:15pm 12:15-3:15pm

2021-22 Elective Options

Focuses on the 5 C's of learning a second language: communication, culture, connections, comparisons and communities. Vocabulary is added to expand on what was covered in Introductory Spanish. Using the language orally is important. Listening and understanding native speakers helps further individual language skills. Pen pals/video pals add a personal connection. Similar to Introductory Spanish, extra activities and projects are added throughout the school year.

Our school has an amazing space dedicated to artists. It includes a variety of art supplies to allow for creativity to thrive. Students can choose to take art for 1 block or 2 elective blocks. 

General Art I (0.5 credit) will review the Elements and Principles of Art, focus on beginning drawing, painting, sculpture skills, and a taste of art history. There will be a large focus on drawing for the first part of the course to build skills and confidence in art and drawing. This course can be taken before, after, or separate from General Art II.

General Art II (0.5 credit) will review the Elements and Principles of Art, focus on beginning drawing, painting, sculpture skills, and a taste of art history. There will be a large focus on painting for the first part of the course to build skills and confidence in art and painting. This course can be taken after, before, or separate from General Art I.

Studio Art I & II (0.5 credit each) will grow your visual art skills through personal project planning. Students are expected to set personal goals and plan their own studio projects. Each project may focus on a different skill or several projects may focus on a particular medium, subject, or skill investigation. Goals for each project will be planned and monitored by the student and teacher for grading. This course is specifically designed for students who consider themselves artists or have taken multiple high school art courses in the past.

Reminder: The Minnesota Department of Education requires all students to take a minimum of 1 art credit prior to graduation. This course will meet that requirement.

Some of you “know” what you want to do once you graduate and some haven’t a clue. This course is for both types of people.

This class will assist you in getting where you want to be...career, military or college. Skills that are universal to all careers will be taught. This will aid you in becoming the best version of yourself to better ensure the future you desire. The last few weeks of this course will be dedicated to job site experiences.

Osakis Area Driving School will be on the Kalon Campus to teach this course. It will be offered 1st semester. The class will be free for students. 'Behind the Wheel' will be offered with pickup occurring at Kalon. This fee will be paid for by the student. Scholarships will be available upon request.

This class will include personal fitness like walking, running, yoga, HIIT, Zumba, and weight training. It will also include group activities like golf, tennis, paddle boarding, and spin classes. This course is about being healthy and having fun. If you like competitive games, that can be arranged as well. Think it would be fun to to a 5K or even a ½ marathon? This training could be a choice as well.

Forensics is the application of science to the investigation of crimes and the psychology of criminal behavior. Students will take on the role of crime scene investigator in order to collect, explore and analyze evidence through real-life case studies and simulated crime scenes. Topics will include the study of fingerprinting, blood spatter analysis, DNA, entomology (insects as evidence), anthropology (skeletal remains) as well the science of death & decomposition.

Are you really interested in learning more about a specific subject? Do you have other ideas not included in the electives list? This is your opportunity to propose your own course. You will be required to track your time and meet with our college & career coordinator for checkpoints. This could be really fun for students who are self-motivated and passionate about something but never have enough time to dig into it.

Focuses on listening, reading, writing, speaking and culture. The course's vocabulary is theme-based on topics such as: self, friends, family, hobbies, pastimes, school, and travel essentials.  Holidays and cultural events are studied as they come up throughout the school year. Cooking authentic foods, researching Hispanic culture, and designing and making piñatas are examples of extra projects. Apps such as Duolingo help individualize the lessons.

Kalon Prep Academy would like to have our own garden. Vegetables could be eaten by Kalon students and possibly sold at the farmer’s market. Flowers could be used to bless others in the community or sold as well. Money raised could be used to pay for a fun field trip selected by the class.

Students build a solid knowledge base about how money works, establish good financial habits, and enter adulthood with confidence about how to manage their money. Guest speakers and experts in the field will enhance this course. Once the basics are taught, students will create a vision for their financial future and a plan to achieve it. The “more” part of the course may include creating business plans, consulting with entrepreneurs and tours.

KPA will partner with Alexandria Area Technical & Community College to offer online PSEO classes. We suggest this for seniors only and starting with 1 course. Any courses taken become part of the student’s permanent college transcript.

Want to make a difference in the community? This class will provide opportunities to give back to others in a variety of creative ways. Students will choose the projects that work directly with people (ex. Volunteering at an elementary school or nursing home), indirectly by identifying an area of need and providing solutions (ex. landscaping a public park or collecting food or clothing for disadvantaged families) or advocacy using your time and voice to identify and raise public awareness of problems.

Taught as a PSEO Course.

Introduces students to broadband communications and the associated technology. This course can lead to a degree in Telecommunications or Computer and Network Technology including knowledge and understanding of telecommunications history, terminology, tools, cable types, wiring components, fiber optic cable, and basic telecommunications networks. This course will be substantially online with required lab components that may be completed on campus or by arrangement at another facility. The course will include a visit to a broadband service provider. Students completing this course may be eligible for internships at their local broadband service provider.

Love theatre or simply curious to learn more? From the performative aspects of acting and directing, to the elements of costume, set, lighting, and sound design, students will learn the basics of each area and then have the opportunity to apply it. This class will be mostly project-based with some assessments for the concepts and main ideas. There will be occasions for collaboration between peers, but the focus will primarily be on individual work. Also, because theatre is such an active artform, participation during class will be an important part for a student's grade.There will be local field trips to the Andria Theatre and Theatre L’Homme Dieu as well as a trip to a production in Minneapolis. There could even be a Kalon Prep Production if that’s what the students wish to aspire to.

This course is an introduction to the anatomy and function of your brain. Drawing from the fields of neuroscience and developmental psychology, this course will explain how your brain works and what it teaches us about ourselves. We will learn brain hacks — tips and tricks to optimize our brain function and ultimately improve our lives.

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