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Our Approach

Kalon is committed to providing an exceptional campus culture that will foster strong academic achievement integrated with caring adults, relevant experiences, and a commitment to fun.

If the traditional school model hasn't been the best fit for your success, Kalon Prep Academy's model offers you a new choice.

  • A 15:1 Student/Teacher Ratio

    A learning community that fosters creative thinking and values every voice.

  • All coursework required for graduation

  • English – 4 credits

    English 9, 10, 11, 12

  • Social Studies – 3.5 credits

    World History, U.S. History, Government, Economics, Geography & Citizenship (Social 9)

  • Science – 3 credits

    Science 9, Biology, Chemistry/Physics

  • Math – 3 credits

    Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II

  • Art – 1 credit

    Art – 1 credit, Theater – .25, Art/Studio Art –.25, General Art 1 & 2 – .25 each, Art 2D – .25, 3D Design 2 – .25, Studio Art – .25, Guitar – .25, Choir – .25, Writer’s Workshop – .25, Video Production – .25, Handicrafts – .5, D&D – .5

  • Electives – 7 credits

    Money Matters – .25 credits (required elective)
    Fantastic Plastic Brain – .5 credit
    REACH – .5 credit per semester = 4 credits total (9-12)
    Friday Electives – .25 per class / .5 per semester / 1 per year = 4 credits total (9-12)
    Kalon Pride Time (KPT) – .5 credit per year = 2 credits total (9-12)

Kalon Prep Offers

  • A Wide Range of Elective Courses

    Electives such as driver’s training, strengths for students, service learning, career navigation, life skills, health, fitness, art and more will be offered. Students will be required to attend these courses in person.

  • Interactive & Purposeful Curriculum

    Students will participate in college, business and industry tours, experience field trips that connect to the curriculum, and enjoy team building exercises and adventures.

  • World's Best Workforce (WBWF) Initiatives

    Ensures that Kalon Prep enhances student achievement through teaching and learning supports. Click to read Kalon Prep's comprehensive, long-term strategic plans that address WBWF goals.

Monday-Thursday: Core Subjects & REACH

8:30-8:55am 9:00-10:00am 10:05-11:05am 11:10am-12:10pm 12:15pm-12:50pm 12:55-1:55pm 2:00-3:00pm

Friday Electives & ROAR

8:30-10:00am 10:05-11:35am 11:40am-12:10pm 12:15-3:00pm

2023-24 Elective Options

Click on the + sign to read a description of each elective option.

Anatomy is a study of the structure and function of the human body. Topics include: body functions in the healthy and diseased states for the integumentary system, muscular system, skeletal system, and nervous system. Dissections include frog and fetal pig. (offered 2025-2026)

Anatomy is a study of the structure and function of the human body. Topics include: body functions in the healthy and diseased states for the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, and reproductive systems; and bioethics. Dissections include deer hearts and rats. (offered 2024-2025)

Are we alone?  What can we see in the sky and how do we know what is there?  We will explore the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy  and then the Universe.  We will discuss the truth behind the “Multiverse” that Dr. Strange travels through.  Come join me for a unique voyage.

* Indicates Art Credit

This course will develop the foundational skills, knowledge and techniques used to create 2 dimensional artworks through drawing, painting and printmaking. Students will learn how to develop and manipulate their compositions using the elements of art and principles of design. This course will foster the students problem solving skills, creativity and confidence. The student’s artistic vision & individual expression will be upheld as they are encouraged to find their unique artistic “voice”. While 3D elements may be incorporated, the emphasis of this course will be on 2D artforms.

* Indicates Art Credit

This intermediate course will further develop skills, knowledge and techniques used to create 3 dimensional artworks using clay, wood, plaster, mixed media/found/repurposed objects, fiber arts and papercrafts. Art history, the elements of art and principles of design, attachment methods, material manipulation and safety procedures will also be covered. This course will foster the students problem solving skills, creativity and confidence. The student’s artistic vision & individual expression will be upheld as they are encouraged to find their unique artistic “voice”. While 2D elements will be incorporated, the emphasis of this course will be on 3D artforms.

*Limited Enrollment

Are you interested in bikes? Do you have a mechanical mind? Do you like to work with your hands? Is Restorative in your top Strengths? Well, join the Bike Restoration Elective! We will be finding, fixing and donating/selling our projects. Our restoration will include repair, refurbishing, painting, tuning and some test riding!

Reading books and discussing them is important and enjoyable. While discussing the content of a book, we will often get much more from the book than if you just read it on your own. This course encourages students to create time to explore the content of a book with each other in order to gain the benefits that can happen when there is dialog and discussion. Students can choose to read a book of their own choice or read the same book as their peers. Either way, you will have time in class to read independently or as a group, which will then be followed by discussion points.

Explore the lives of influential women across history who have shaped the world in the areas of science, sports, the arts, public service and government. Learn how, as champions of their causes, these women positively influenced the welfare and conditions of humanity. Some were front and center in their lives, others were quietly working behind the scenes, making a big impact.

*Limited enrollment. This course will take up 2 blocks.

How much would you like to know about your car's care and maintenance as well as basic insurance literacy? For many people, a vehicle is one of the most expensive and important purchases they will make in throughout their lives and knowing how to keep your vehicle in good condition is important to prolong the life of this important purchase. Professional mechanics from the Car Care Program will share their knowledge through hands-on basic car care including changing oil, checking tires and other simple tasks that keep cars functioning. This class is perfect for anyone who drives! Junior & Seniors only and must have your own transportation.

This course will take up 2 blocks.
* Indicates Art Credit

Experience the adventure of Dungeons and Dragons, one of the most widely renowned tabletop roleplaying games. Discover everything from character creation and hosting your own game to the culture and history behind the magic and monsters.

Driver’s training will be taught on the Kalon Campus. The class will be free for students. This is a state-approved 30-hour course that provides the preparation for students to take the Minnesota class D knowledge test. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of enrollment (blue card) which they will need to present at the testing center when they go in for the knowledge test. Behind the wheel will be offered from Central Lakes Driving School with optional pickup occurring at Kalon if a student needs to schedule a session during the school day. This fee will be paid for by the student. Scholarships will be available upon request.

*Indicates art credit.

Interested in the art of filmmaking? Dive into the process, from screenwriting to editing, as you create your own short film. Students will analyze award-winning films and work through each part of the filmmaking process to create a project of their own design. Each student will have the opportunity to write and direct their own short film, completed within the course of the semester.

This class will include personal fitness like walking, running, HIIT and weight training. It will also include group activities like golf, tennis, paddle boarding, spin classes. This course is about being healthy and having fun. If you like competitive games, that can be arranged as well. Think it would be fun to run a 5K or even a ½ marathon? This training could be a choice as well.

This course will take up 2 blocks.

Forensics is the application of science to the investigation of crimes and the psychology of criminal behavior. Students will take on the role of crime scene investigator in order to collect, explore and analyze evidence through real-life case studies and simulated crime scenes. Topics will include the study of fingerprinting, blood spatter analysis, DNA, entomology (insects as evidence), anthropology (skeletal remains) as well the science of death & decomposition.

*Prerequisite Forensics

If you have successfully completed Forensics and are interested in diving deeper into the fascinating field of crime solving, then this course is for you! We will continue to ask, “What does the evidence say?” Analyzing criminal behavior as well as the persons behind the crime and the examination of evidence is what this course is all about. This will include a focus on solved and unsolved cases and how science plays a pivotal role. Guest speakers and field trips as well as student led interest will help shape the context of this course.

*Seniors only.

Prepare for college-level math with this refresher course. Review fundamental concepts in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and more. Build confidence and sharpen your math skills to excel in college-level coursework.

In this course, students will grow in their confidence while learning to be advocates for their health, as well as gain an understanding of how our body and mind work together for optimal health. Topics of study include: self esteem, confidence building, journaling, selfcare, healthy relationships and boundaries, mental health, social media, healthy eating, therapeutic art & mindfulness exercise as well as self defense/safety. When students feel safe and supported socially, emotionally and mentally they show greater success. This course will equip students with tools to help them cope and ensure emotional regulation in a safe place to learn and grow. In addition, this course will include partnerships with area businesses that share the same values for growth physically, socially, emotionally.

*Indicates Art Credit

Students will learn the basic introduction to, and refine the fundamentals of, music and guitar literature and techniques, such as strumming and chords with the opportunity to learn more advanced techniques. Class may include formal and informal performances. Guitars will be provided.

This course will take up 2 blocks.
* Indicates art credit.

Students will learn about traditional and contemporary artisanry and crafting, and produce art objects that are both functional and decorative. Together we will explore the tools and techniques used by various cultures. Possible projects include: origami, quilting, embroidery, whittling, macrame, beadwork, knit/crochet, calligraphy, mosaics and more! Experts in their fields will join this class to do: Soap making, Ojibwe beadwork, Fur & Leather creations, Jewelry, Rosemaling, Tatting & Quilting.

Welcome to “Intro to Boxing” class! With no boxing experience needed, any and all students of varying abilities are welcomed and encouraged to join. This course is designed to teach students the basic fundamentals of boxing that include, but not limited to: basic boxing footwork, variety of boxing styles, proper breathing techniques, numeric punch sequences and boxing rhythm. Students will develop improved cardiovascular and muscular strength by consistently attending and participating in class. Individual and partner drills will be incorporated throughout the semester. There will be no physical contact beyond controlled partner drills to learn proper boxing technique and how to be an ideal boxing partner. “Intro to Boxing” will be physical in nature, however, students will learn beyond their physical capabilities and grow in confidence and discipline. Clean appropriate attire is required.

Students will learn the introductory principles of argumentation, logic, and debate throughout this course. We will survey different models of argument, learn how to structure and support arguments, and practice those skills individually, partnered, and within groups. Students will participate in debates with classmates on issues of social importance. This course will equip students with the information and tools for engaging in a complex world with increasing information and communication content.

*Indicates art credit.

Welcome to “Intro to Interior Design!” Students will be exposed to interior design basics, industry trends, special arrangements, floor plans, and budgeting for interior design related projects. Through student-based hands-on projects, speakers, and research, students will have fun creating spaces they envision come to life. As an art credit elective, students will be encouraged to use their critical thinking skills to bring their creativity to an array of spaces!

In partnership with Alexandria Martial Arts. Students will begin their quest to learn the basic fundamentals of martial arts. With a focus on building self-confidence through increasing knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body, students will learn a variety of self-defense tactics, and proper techniques for hand strikes as well as kicking in a structured environment. By the end of the term, students will be able to demonstrate basic fundamental martial arts skills and how to apply them to life outside of the gym.

*Indicates art credit.

Do you play the guitar? Keyboard? Drums? Another instrument? Do you like to sing? Then join this class and create Kalon’s first Band!

Want to make a difference in the community? This class will provide opportunities to give back to others in a variety of creative ways. Students will serve others directly (ex. Volunteering at an elementary school or nursing home), indirectly by identifying an area of need and providing solutions (ex. landscaping a public park or collecting food or clothing for disadvantaged families) or advocacy using your time and voice to identify and raise public awareness of problems.

*This course will take up 2 blocks.
*Limited Enrollment

Students, do you like to prepare food or are you interested in learning how to prepare your favorite dishes or bake your favorite desserts? The Kalon Kitchen will teach and apply the skills necessary for basic food preparation and every Friday students will be serving the entire Kalon family. Safety standards will be adhered to and students will be expected to wear gloves and either wear their hair back or adorn a hat during food prep. Students will be required to set up and clean up which may require a time commitment outside of class time. Based upon the number of interested students, there may be an interview and/or selection process to be enrolled in this class.

This class is for those who want to establish healthy habits by challenging themselves to be better mentally, emotionally, and physically. A change of clothes, workout shoes, and a positive attitude are a must. There will be a daily classroom lesson, followed by a physical workout. Some of the classroom topics covered will include nutrition basics, healthy relationships, emotional wellness, disease prevention, weight management, sports nutrition, and injury care and prevention.

*Graduation Requirement

Students build a solid knowledge base about how money works, establish good financial habits, and enter adulthood with confidence about how to manage their money. Guest speakers and experts in the field will enhance this course. Once the basics are taught, students will create a vision for their financial future and a plan to achieve it. The “more” part of the course may include creating business plans, consulting with entrepreneurs and tours.

*Indicates art credit.

Join us for Music Production Class, where creativity meets technology! Delve into the fascinating world of music production as you learn to craft your own tracks from start to finish. From recording instruments and vocals, mixing and mastering using software and equipment, to learning music theory. This class offers hands-on experience in every aspect of music production. Explore a variety of musical genres and styles, honing your skills in composition, arrangement, and sound design along the way. Gain insights into the history and evolution of music production, uncovering the secrets behind some of your favorite songs and albums. With guest speakers, studio visits, and interactive projects, this class provides a dynamic and immersive learning environment for aspiring musicians, producers, and audio enthusiasts alike.

*Indicates Art Credit

Courses in this classification provide students with an understanding of photographic media, techniques and processes. With a focus on development of photographic compositions through manipulation of the fundamental processes of artistic expression, students may learn to make meaningful visual statements with an emphasis on personal creative expression to communicate ideas, feelings or values. Students will engage in critiques of their photographic images, the works of other students, and those by professional photographers for the purpose of reflecting on and refining work.

This course focuses on the study of human behavior. As an introduction to the field of psychology, this course includes consideration of psychological principles, terminology, major theories, careers, methods of experimentation, and practical applications. Special topics include personality development, problem-solving, group dynamics, and motivation.

Explore the fascinating realm of psychology through the lens of Pixar movies. This course delves into the intricate portrayal of human emotions, behaviors, and relationships in beloved animated films. Analyze characters, narratives, and psychological themes to gain insights into the human experience as brought to life by Pixar's storytelling magic.

Research Science is designed to help students who are interested in a science-related career. The course focuses on basic skills associated with research, such as literature reviews, designing and conducting experiments, data analysis, and sharing research with an audience. This is a project-based course where students will be able to choose scientific research that is important and relevant to their interests.

* Indicates art credit.

Studio courses will develop visual art skills through personal project planning. Students are expected to set personal goals and plan their own studio projects. Each project may focus on a different skill or several projects may focus on a particular medium, subject, or skill investigation. Goals for each project will be planned and monitored by the student and teacher for grading. This course is specifically designed for students who consider themselves artists or have taken multiple high school art courses in the past.

This elective is going to focus on students playing board games that involve using strategy to win. The students will work on creating a strategy, executing it, working as a team with one or more partners, and good sportsmanship. Some examples of games that will be played are Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, Carbles, and Betrayal at House on the Hill. Students will be allowed to suggest games or bring some in from home if approved by the teacher.

*Indicates art credit.

In this course, we will focus on the performative side of acting. We will work on both improv and structured acting. You will be graded on participation with the activities as well as performing scenes in front of the whole class.

*Indicates art credit.

In this course, we will focus on the design elements of costume, set, lighting, and sound design. Students will learn the basics of each area and then have the opportunity to apply it. You will be graded on participation and completing the various projects for each unit, approved by the teacher.

*Indicates Art Credit

Video Production an introduction to video/film/audio production. The goal is for the student to find the ability to capture great video images and audio. Then, students will edit those two elements together to tell a story. Our production studio is equipped with editing bays, a green room, video cameras, studio lighting and audio equipment. Students are able to write scripts, act, direct, edit and have fun. Students will film and edit multiple projects.

*Indicates Art Credit

The Kalon Choir is for anyone who wants to sing. All types of musical literature will be studied and performed. Students will learn techniques to better themselves in singing, working together, reading music, and understanding musical structures.

*Indicates Art Credit

Do you enjoy writing and want more time to do so? This class offers you an opportunity to experiment with a variety of creative genres and hone your writing skills in the hopes of helping you produce quality written work. You will also get the chance to  read and examine the work of successful authors to identify what skills and techniques have made them powerful writers. Ultimately, though, the heart of this class is student work and workshopping, a system by which an author (you) can receive informed, constructive feedback from a group of peers. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to express yourself creatively through writing.

*Qualifying seniors only

Work Release students are concurrently enrolled in senior REACH. Seniors who have a job are allowed to be released from school Monday through Thursday for a portion of the school day. Typically, Work Release students work 10-20 hours a week to meet class requirements. Kalon staff partners with local employers to provide a personalized educational work experience. Students will be observed in their work environments throughout the year and provide teachers with proof of employment in addition to attending REACH daily.

Grading Information & System

90 - 100% A 4
80 - 89% B 3
70 - 79% C 2
60 - 69% D 1
Below 60% NY (Not Yet, no credit) 0
P (Pass w/ credit) Neutral
W (no credit) 0

Course Drop / Change Policy

Students will not be allowed to make a schedule change after the first week of the semester. If following the first week of an elective, a student may make a schedule change if approved by Kalon’s Academic Advisor. Course changes after the first week the course is in progress will result in a grade of W, which calculates into a student’s GPA as an F.

  • English

    4 semesters of English (9, 10, 11, 12)

  • Social Studies

    1 Semester of Social Studies (9); 2 Semesters of World History (10); 2 Semesters of US History (11); 1 Semester of Economics, 1 Semester of Government (12)

  • Science

    2 Semesters of Exploratory Science (9); 2 Semesters of Biology (10); 2 Semesters of Science (Physics or Chemistry) (11, 12)

  • Math

    6 Semesters of Math (Algebra I & II, Geometry) (9, 10, 11)

  • Art

    1 Credit

  • Other Required Courses:

    A minimum of 7 Elective Credits including:

    • REACH (9, 10, 11, 12) 1 credit per year
    • KPT (9, 10, 11, 12) .25 credits /semester
    • Money Matters (12) .25 credits
    • Fantastic Plastic Brain (9) .5 credits

World's best workforce

The World's Best Workforce (WBWF) was developed in 2013 (Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.11) to ensure that school districts and charter schools in Minnesota enhance student achievement through teaching and learning supports. 

School boards that govern districts and charter schools are required to develop comprehensive, long-term strategic plans that address the following five WBWF goals:

· All children are ready for school. (N/A)
· All third-graders can read at grade level.(N/A)
· All racial and economic achievement gaps between students are closed.
· All students are ready for career and college.
· All students graduate from high school.

Apply Now

Applications for the 2024-25 academic year begin January 2024.

Apply Now

Applications for the 2024-25 academic year begin January 2024.